“When you’re on the top of a building, it is possible for the desire to jump to cross your mind for just a fleeting second. Or the desire to throw yourself onto the tracks just before a high-speed train passes by. Those seconds in which you suddenly think about shaking hands with that person; that idea of what it would be like to touch their face. Those seconds that fill you with so much fear. Moments filled with a sense of vertigo.”

“Suddenly” is based on all those little impulses that paralyse us for just a few seconds. Those ideas that cross our minds, in reality, make us aware of the fact that we could be in danger. It’s a way that the brain uses to remember that we have to be careful. But, what happens if I decide to let that impulse get the best of me? What happens if I jump? What happens if I decide to let go of the balloon? What happens if I go in for the kiss?

The work reflects what happens when we take risks and give into those impulses. Sometimes these crazy things that we do keep us alive, and we want to jump instead of staying in an absurd balance that voids us as individuals. Because, sometimes, the devil we know isn’t necessarily better than the one we don’t. With physical language and dynamic, energetic movements, “Suddenly” is a fresh piece of work, one that is visual and full of imagery. It aims to connect with the surroundings and the audience, giving free reign to the imagination. Special care has been taken in planning the costumes and music – ingredients that are equally as important as the choreography itself.